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Front Bumpers


Suzuki kingquad

The GvK Racing suzuki frontbumper wil fit every king quad
It wil fit models from 450cc up to 750cc , From the year 2005 up to currently moddels
This universal kingquad bumper is easy to install and has a unique desing
Because its made from high quality steel and powdercoated with 3 layers of black coating ,its one of the toughest and most durable bumper on the marked
The desing makes for a perfect fit and optimal protection ,and still have room for a winch

It wil fit these moddels from the year 2005 to current units :

  • Kingquad750 powersteering
  • Kingquad 750
  • Kingquad 700
  • Kingquad 500 powersteering
  • Kingquad 500
  • Kingquad 450

Price a piece including tax 200.00 euro

For People wo live in the usa it has a special price of 315 usd including tax and shipping


Cam am Renegede

The GvK Racing front winch bumper that wil fit old style frame`s
This bumper is desinged to be tough and be able to use a bigger winch
Its verry easy to instal a winch on there and then instal in on the unit
The fairlett is easy to instal in front of the winch to the bumper itself
It wil fit most renegade moddels that still have the first generation of frame`s
Because its made from high quality steel and powdercoated with 3 layers of black coating ,its one of the toughest and most durable bumper on the marked

Avaible for the 500 cc to the 800 range from the year 2007 to 2011

  • Renegede 800
  • Renegede 800 r
  • Renegede 800 powersteering
  • Renegede 500
  • Renegede 500 r
  • Renegede 500 powersteering ( usa modellen)

Price a piece including tax 215.00 euro

Winchplate s


GvK Racing has developt their own genration of winch plate`s
They are stronger then anything that is being offerd , also they have a retriever hitch desinged
Right on to it . Its powercoated with 2 layers so it wil handle every weather

We are always expanding our varation of winch plate`s
These are the ones we currently hold in stock

Brand Type Price inclusing tax
Yamaha Grizzly 700 40.00
Suzuki Kinguad 450 35.00
Suzuki Kinguad 500 35.00
Suzuki Kinguad 700 35.00
Suzuki Kinguad 750 35.00
Cam am Renegede 500 65.00
Cam am Renegede 650 65.00
Cam am Renegede 800 65.00
TGB blade series 45.00








GvK Snowplow system


GvK Racing`s profesional 59 inch (150cm) snowplow for daily use
Why is this plow different ? because its desinged the be used all day every day in various type`s of conditions .
Because we had allot of expirience using the warn snowplow system we knew where the problems where and what we would think that could be improved
That has resulted in a plow that can handle more snow ,has a bether turn over, a greater angle,
can be used with tracks, wil work in dirt , a bether scrape of and can be stored in a 90 degre way

Price for the complete unit excluding midmounting kit 700 euro including tax

These midmounting kits are currently from warn


The website Of G.v.K. Racing is always in construction so check in every week to see update`s and changes.

Because we are always expanding our arsortiment and rebuilding atv`s
we feel the need to keep the website updated and change it , that can result in some causes in errors or malfuctions on our website and software

We apoligise for that GvK Racing

Contact and Ordering

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our sending prices around the world with a package size up to 100X50X50 CM

2 kg ** is 17.10 euro including tax
2kg is 24.30 euro including tax
5kg is 34.30 euro including tax
10kg is 58.30 euro including tax
20kg is 105.30 euro including tax

changes in shipping cost by shipping company can result in higher of lowwer sending costs


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